Fascinating aerial photography with drones or helicopters

Due to our many years of experience in aerial photography, you can benefit from expert advice. 

Bird’s-eye view images that inspire and convince. Be it for tourism, documentation for real estate, construction projects, expertise, marketing or inspections.
We like to develop a good concept for you and realise high-quality aerial video’s with our drones. For example, for an image campaign in the field of tourism or business, sales documents for real estate, the expansion of your internet presence or the creation of individual landscapes.
But also a single sequence, for example an approach to your mountain restaurant, or the unique panorama increases the incentive for potential customers.

It is always nice to see how it once was. You can also see that we have been doing this since 1994!

Because of the fact that we film in 4K (UHD) quality, the resolution is excellent. This also means that every frame in the video (25 or 50 frames per second) is a high-resolution photo, useful for leaflets, web pages, etc.

Upon request, we use drones or helicopters for the realisation of your aerial video’s, also a combination of drones with helicopters is often useful. Of course, the budget also plays an important role here. We use small drones for indoor shooting and in tight spaces, larger drones or helicopters with a Cineflex camera system find their application in high mountains or at greater distances.

Examples of different situations where you can use a drone, a helicopter, or both




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