Location Scouting in Switzerland by DENHARTOGH VIDEO

Dream sceneries, southern flair, deep blue sky, a lot of snow, that does not always have to be Caribbean, New Zealand or the Rocky Mountains.

We find exactly the right locations for your production, not far away in Europe!
4000-meter-high mountains, year round snow, Mediterranean ambience, picturesque towns, 300 days of sun a year. Your budget is looking forward to it!

Our services/tasks

  • Selection of the location according to dramaturgical and organizational requirements.
  • Documentation of possible locations with videos and photos.
  • Check for potential risk factors, distances, hotels, weather.
  • Pre-requisition of filming permits for the originators, authorities and residents.
  • Documentation of local infrastructure: access roads, cable cars, parking facilities, water, electricity, plumbing, catering, etc.
  • Organization of the location visit for your crew (director, production designer and cameraman).
    When the director has taken the location, the manager takes over the further organization at the location.

Valais (Switzerland), Northern Italy and Graubünden

We do not have to search, we already know the places!
Alpine scenery, mountain panoramas, glaciers, rustic mountain restaurants, etc.
On Lake Maggiore or Lake Orta, dreamy bays, picturesque towns and streets, magnificent villas. Here we are at home and know the most beautiful turning places, as well as those responsible for permits, transport, etc.
Sometimes you need a special permit or there are costs for filming on site.
We are aware of these processes and we know the practices.
It is important that no unnecessary time is lost with the transport or longer distances between the locations.
We know the situation and the result is more time for the most important thing, the film production!

Organization and assistance

  • Transport of human and machine.
  • Helicopter flights or camera systems as well as special permission for drones.
  • Possible extras or protagonists.
  • Catering and hotel reservations.
  • Rent of equipment not far away and affordable.